How to Make Cooked Vegan Coconut Eggs

Vegan Coconut Eggs

All I have to say is ‘oh my freakin’ goodness!’ – VEGAN EGGS for breakfast! My husband Noah whipped these vegan coconut eggs up for us for breakfast, and they are delicious! They’re not raw, he cooked them up in the pan, but as a special treat these are just divine…You could do them raw, but cooking them, topped with this incredible naturally occurring sulfur salt, they taste exactly like eggs, a crowd pleasure for sure.

How to Make Cooked Vegan Coconut Eggs:

For the vegan egg ‘whites’ he used a medium soft coconut meat. This coconut meat is past the super soft spoon meat but before the really solid coconut meat. Scoop out as whole a piece as possible. Then cut into approximately 3.5 inch roundish pieces.

Working with the curve of the coconut meat up, lay it face down, and cut the edges with a knife to get as flat a piece as possible. Cut out a circle in the middle, where you will fill the yoke. You can do this with a small knife, or what my husband did was take a small cup and simply pressed it into the coconut meat and removed the center piece.

For the vegan egg ‘yoke’: take all the rest of the coconut meat that you have, centre whole, the trimming and the rest of what’s left after you cut out a few vegan eggs.

Place it in a high-powered blender, add a bit of turmeric, dried or fresh, a spoonful of coconut butter, a little bit of water, a dash of pepper (we love to use lemon pepper) and blend until smooth but thick.

Heat up pan

to medium heat, place a little bit of coconut oil and place your ‘whites’ in and then spoon ‘yokes’ into centre and let heat up and cook to taste – a few minutes at best.

Place them on a plate and serve

with whatever you like, tomatoes and cucumber or some lettuce. You can also make an incredible vegan breakfast burritos and wrap them in these delicious wheat-free, raw, vegan plantain tortillas.

Top these vegan eggs with natural sulfur salt

This is the key to making them taste just like eggs. I’d never heard of it before, and couldn’t believe how much this salt, even a pinch on its own tastes like hard-boiled eggs. Have you ever been to a natural hot spring and spelled that similar hard-boiled egg spell? That’s sulfur in the water that you are smelling.

Did you know that a sulfur is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and that a sulfur deficiency is associated with increased depression, irritability, and muscle cramps? The process of electron transfer in our bodies requires sulfur, so if we are deficient in it, we will experience increased fatigue.

It also works to transform protein strands into functional body parts like skin, hair and nails. Sulfur is also found in bile acids, which help you digest fats and also plays a critical role in glucose metabolism.

But best of all this naturally occurring sulfur salt make these vegan coconut eggs taste amazing.

Would love to hear how this vegan recipe turns out for you! Post your comments down bellow ;)

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