Rose Water – A Unique Flavour in Raw Food Recipes

Rose Water uses in Raw Food Recipes

What is Rose Water?

Rose water, is a liquid extract made from the petals of roses that can be used in cooking, cosmetics and skin care products.

Rose water is a very pleasant smelling water and the juice that comes from rose petals. It can be used in a variety of ways, which includes consumption as well as skin care treatments. This article will explore how to use rose water for different purposes, including ways to make your own at home.

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What does it Smell Like?

The smell of rosewater is soft and floral with a somewhat sweet scent that lingers on your nose for hours after you’ve smelled it just one time. It’s very pleasant and can be used as a relaxing fragrance, which is why many people use it as aromatherapy.

Rose Water History

Rosewater has been around for centuries and is used in many different cultures. It has been used for beauty, aromatherapy, and even cooking purposes. In fact the word “rosewater” comes from the English term “rose water”, which was originally a mixture of rose petals and water.

How to use Rose Water

There are many ways that people use rose water. Here are just a few of the most common ways:

Skin Care – These days there is a huge focus on skin care products. People want to make sure that the products they use either do not cause skin damage or will actually cause it to heal and rejuvenate. Rose water can be used in several ways for skin care including cleansers, moisturizers, and even as a toner/face spritzer after cleansing. Skin care products are much more common today than they were just a few decades ago. In fact many people use these instead of actual water when washing their face or body.

Aromatherapy – This term is used to describe the use of natural scents in order to heal the body or mind. It’s often associated with using heated oil to waft the scent into your nose and create a relaxing effect, or using the rose water directly on your skin. There are many different types of aromatherapy, including essential oils, and rose water can be used to bring an even more soothing benefit.

Cosmetics – This is another use for rose water that is becoming more common these days. It’s often mixed with alcohol and essential oils, which are then used on the face or body. Some of these products may even contain rose water as the main ingredient.

Rose Water Uses In Food Recipes

Uses of Rose Water in Food Recipes or Cooking – Rose water can also be used especially in cooking recipes. It helps to add a very pleasant scent to many dishes that express the sweet floral fragrance of roses.

– Rose water can be used to make a syrup for desserts or a dressing for raw food like salads.
– You can use rose water to add a subtle flavor of roses to raw food dishes such as desserts or sauces.
– You can use rose water on your salad as an alternative to using oil. It’s great in salad dressings where salad dressings usually have oil because it makes your salad taste like roses, which is what you want for the taste of your salad. The actual amount of rose water you use depends on what you’re making and your taste preferences. You can use a few drops to a few teaspoons of rose water, depending on the dish and how much roses flavor you want.
– You can add rose water to raw desserts such as cakes or brownies, or as a sweetener in desserts like ice cream, fruit mousse or even smoothies.
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Rose water uses in other Things

– You can add rose water to your homemade laundry soap to make it smell good, or use it on your stain remover for your clothes.
– You can also add rose water to homemade body scrubs.

– You can use rose water as a skin toner.
– Rose water is used in shampoos.
– You can add rose water to your homemade bug repellant.
– You can add rose water to homemade cleaners and laundry detergents. Some people even add rose petals to the laundry detergent and then wash their clothes with it. Yes, it works!
– You can use rose water in several beauty products like facial cleansers, eye scrubs, hair masks or even toothpaste. Rosewater is supposed to brighten up your skin and make it soft.

Let me know if you find some new and interesting uses for rose water in your raw food dishes that you would like to share!

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