Benefits of Protein – A Detailed Infographics

The Power Of Protein

When you think of protein, often the first thing that comes to mind is muscle mass. While protein can indeed help in building muscle, this macronutrient is responsible for much more than helping you lift weights. The human body is made up of more than 10,000 proteins. These proteins can be found in bones, muscles, hair, skin, and many more other body parts. Understanding the function and benefits of protein can help you lead a healthier and more productive life.

This infographic was created by the Center for Weight Loss Surgery, a provider of body contouring in

Benefits of Protein

The benefits of protein are countless. Many people know that consuming protein leads  to more muscle mass and lean tissue. However, protein can also improve mental and physical health. Consuming the recommended amount of protein can help you stay healthy and keep your body functioning the way it should.

Protein plays a major role, as it helps carry oxygen throughout the body and aids in fueling your energy levels. It can help fight against illness and infections because it helps create new cells and maintain the health of existing cells.

Understanding protein and the best way to consume it can greatly improve your health and your overall well-being. For more information about the power of protein, including how much you should consume, common sources of protein, and myths, check out the accompanying resource.


Dr. Myur S. Srikanth is a board-certified bariatric and cosmetic surgeon at the Center for Weight Loss Surgery. He has been performing bariatric surgery exclusively since 2000 and has performed over 4,000 weight loss surgeries. Dr. Srikanth performs nearly every operation that is currently available to treat obesity.

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