Alien Hand Syndrome: Definition, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

alien hand syndrome (AHS) causes symptoms treatment

What is Alien Hand AHS?

Alien hand syndrome is an unprecedented neurological condition that makes a one-hand circle back to its own decision. On occasion, one leg is impacted; notwithstanding, this isn’t as typical. 

The hand isn’t under the brain’s control and moves like it has its sense with alien hand syndrome. The affected hand feels new to its owner during these scenes and purposefully completes surprising tasks.

While it can influence youngsters, generally alien hands happen in grown-ups. 

Alien hand syndrome also called as Dr. Strangelove syndrome, an uncommon neurological manifestation, might be delivered by a few etiologies and more than one explicit cerebral damage region.

What Causes Alien Hand Syndrome (AHS)? 

A few elements can cause alien hand syndrome. A few groups create alien hand syndrome after a stroke, trauma, or tumor. It’s occasionally connected with cancer, neurodegenerative infections, and brain aneurysms. 

Alien hand syndrome is connected to brain surgery sources that different the two hemispheres of the brain. This may include an incision along the corpus callosum.

The corpus callosum partitions the brain hemispheres and considers communication between the different sides—surgeries to treat epilepsy once in a while influence the brain this way. Sources have likewise been found in the anterior cingulate cortex, posterior parietal cortex, and supplementary motor cortex zones of the brain in those with the condition. 

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Brain scans show that individuals with alien hand syndrome have separated exercises in the contralateral essential motor territory. This is believed to be because of lesions or damage in the parietal cortex. This influences arranging systems and can cause unconstrained movements.

Symptoms and Determination of AHS

The most noticeable symptom of alien hand syndrome is the powerlessness to control the hand as it acts freely. The influenced hand may move automatically and perform objective coordinated assignments and actions. The hand is said to move without any cognitive control or mindfulness. It’s like it’s being controlled by someone else or has its very own psyche. 

The hand may contact your face, button a shirt, or do the complete opposite afterwards, once in a while over and again or habitually. The alien hand may likewise levitate all alone. The hand may also take part in self-oppositional actions, for example, shutting a cabinet that the other hand just opened or unfastening a shirt that you just secured. The alien hand is uncooperative and could perform wrong actions or neglect to follow commands. 

Individuals with alien hand syndrome may detect that the hand or appendage is unfamiliar or doesn’t have a place with them. Notwithstanding, they don’t deny appendage proprietorship, which can occur in different disorders. 

An absence of hand control is the most conspicuous symptom of an alien hand. However, alien hand syndrome includes something beyond a lack of hand control. The influenced hand isn’t feeble. The hand keeps up ordinary strength. However, it might move automatically, without cognitive control or mindfulness. The hand developments are not spastic or jerky but rather are intentional and composed.

People who experience the ill effects of alien hand syndrome commonly clarify that the hand appears to be controlled by someone else.’ Regular developments like getting objects, contacting the face, and in any event, dressing or disrobing are altogether qualities of alien hand syndrome. The specific component of alien hand syndrome is the victim’s grievance that these ‘normal’ hand actions are unintentional, undesirable, and unexpected. 

As per the case reports in clinical writing, analysis can be a test since alien hand syndrome is genuinely a neurological problem without a psychiatric part.

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This can be befuddling during the demonstrative stage, for the most part, because real psychiatric disorders and conduct issues are substantially more common among patients than is alien hand syndrome, submitting questions of a ‘hand proceeding onward it’s own undeniably bound to be precisely clarified by some different option from alien hand syndrome dependent on insights alone. In this manner, cautious perception and assessment are needed to analyze alien hand syndrome versus any different conditions in the differential determination of these symptoms.

Reasons for Alien Hand 

The reasons for alien hand syndrome have fluctuated. The condition isn’t related to a trademark vascular stroke syndrome, although stroke is one explanation. Alien hand syndrome may happen after neurosurgical procedures, essentially when there is an incision, including the corpus callosum.

There is an unforeseen relationship between alien hand syndrome and neurodegenerative disease. Different lesions, for example, trauma and cancer, may cause alien hand syndrome. 

Other than the corpus callosum, different districts of the brain related to alien hand syndrome include: 

Brain lesions in alien hand syndrome 

When all is said in done, it will bode well for visual, sensory, or motor dissociation, such as hemiagnosia to alien hand syndrome. However, hemiagnosia isn’t identified with alien hand syndrome. Strangely, case reports of alien hand syndrome are not predictable concerning neuroimaging. Lesions of the corpus callosum are very much recorded. However, different lesions, including zones of the motor cortex or beneficial motor cortex, have additionally been recognized, making it difficult to find one explicit brain injury area with alien hand syndrome.

How could it be diagnosed? 

A specialist may diagnose alien hand syndrome through perception and assessment. Diagnosing alien hand syndrome is muddled because it’s a neurological disorder that does not have a psychiatric part. This makes it more challenging to analyze because behavioral issues are more regular than alien hand syndrome. Manifestations can now and then be credited to a psychiatric disorder, which might be frustrating to the individual influenced. 

Is there a way to deal with alien hand syndrome? 

There is no such cure for alien hand syndrome. Therapies and pharmacologic choices for alien hand syndrome need improvement, yet researchers manage meds to decrease results. Individuals who have alien hand syndrome after brain illness or a stroke may recover after some time. Be that as it may, recovery is less useful for individuals with neurodegenerative diseases. 

4The condition might be dealt with or overseen utilizing muscle control therapies like botulinum toxin (Botox) and neuromuscular blocking agents. Benzodiazepine sources have been useful now and again, yet behavioral methods appear to be more helpful. 

Mirror box treatment, psychological treatment strategies, and learning task behavioral therapies can help oversee indications. Visuospatial training methods may likewise help. Here and there, the individual will limit their alien hand by holding it under between their legs or sitting on it. A few groups may find it useful to keep an object in the alien hand to keep it from performing undertakings. 

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It might assist the person with alien hand syndrome, or someone else provides verbal orders to stop the actions. Be that as it may, this strategy may not give enduring outcomes.  Specialists may suggest physical and word-related therapies through natural holistic healing

A few strategies that have been effectively utilized in treating alien hand syndrome incorporate therapies coordinated at muscle control, like botulinum toxin and neuromuscular blocking agents. Psychological treatment strategies have been used with participation from most patients with moderate viability.

Some common questions regarding the Alien Hand Syndrome are as follows:

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What is the alien limb phenomenon?
Is alien hand syndrome a mental illness?
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What’s the standpoint? 

While there is no such cure for alien hand syndrome, you might have the option to deal with your symptoms somewhat. Registration consistently with your PCP on the off chance that you experience any symptoms identified with the alien hand. A legitimate determination may assist with decreasing any anxiety you might be encountering. Your PCP will help you deal with your symptoms and set up a suitable treatment plan depending on your individual needs.

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