Top 12 Benefits of Aloe Vera

Top 12 Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a thick, sticky gel that is stored in the leaves of the Aloe plant. Since ancient times, aloe vera had been used for treating skin ailments, dental treatments, heartburns, and other medical treatments. This succulent plan does wonders for your skin as well as an internal system. Aloe vera is consumed as a gel or churned into a juice by scraping the aloe gel and filtering it. For external uses, aloe vera gel is safe to be applied on the skin. We have brought the top 12 benefits of this wonderful plant, aloe vera.

1. Eases Heartburn:

Aloe vera has proven to be an excellent remedy for heartburn and gastritis. Aloe vera juice is alkaline in nature and comes with anti-inflammatory benefits. It has a soothing and cooling effect on the system and fights the inflammation easing heartburn. You can consume 1-2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel after your meal or drink a glass of aloe juice. 

2. Reduces Dandruff:

Dandruff can be irritating and difficult to get rid of. However, we have an effective remedy! Aloe vera has antioxidant properties that help in fighting dandruff. Aloe vera gel, when applied to dry scalp, helps moisturize it and cool the irritated area. Itchiness and dry scalp are some of the main causes of dandruff. Aloe vera can be applied once or twice a week as a hair mask including olive oil or lemon for extra benefits or you can purchase aloe vera shampoos as well. 

3. Treating Constipation:

Aloe vera acts as an organic laxative that soothes the discomfort faced due to irritated bowel. However, it should not be consumed more than one teaspoon dissolved in water. Some studies have shown the side effects of consuming aloe vera gel for a long time. Side effects like abdominal pain or diarrhea after consuming aloe vera gel must not be ignored. It is always suggested to consult a doctor if you are regularly facing constipation or taking medications. 

4. Heals wounds:

An amazing benefit of aloe vera gel is that it enhances the speed of wound healing. This is because aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, aloe vera gel, when applied to wounds and burns heals faster. Several studies have shown that many skin injuries like sunburns, frostbites, minor burns, skin rashes can be healed nine days faster with the use of aloe vera gel than using other ointments. 

5. Plays a Role in Mouth Care:

Aloe vera can play an effective role in keeping your mouth clean and hence, avoids dental problems. Some of the dental diseases like gingivitis, inflammation, swollen gums can be treated using aloe vera juice. Dental plaques that are caused by micro- bacteria perpetuating on the surface of our teeth cause a yellow pale color that can be treated using aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice can be an effective alternative to mouthwashes with chemical content in them. 

6. Hair Conditioning and Growth:

You may find the inclusion of aloe vera is used in a number of conditioners and hair creams. Aloe vera has 20 amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E that promote healthy hair by repairing damaged, dry hair, and smoothening them. When applied on the scalp, the antifungal property of aloe vera repairs damage and avoids hair- fall. Aloe vera gel can be applied as a mask by mixing it with other hair growth and hair smoothening ingredients like egg yolk, olive oil, or coconut oil. 

7. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels:

Some studies show that aloe vera juice can be an effective remedy to lower blood sugar amongst type 2 diabetic patients. It can also enhance blood sugar management and maintain insulin levels. However, if you are already consuming glucose management medicines, it is suggested to consult a doctor. 

8. Aides in Weight Loss:

 Did you know that aloe vera can also help you keep fit and in shape? Well, aloe vera juice is proved to increase metabolism levels in the body. Aloe vera juice can accelerate the process of converting fats to energy and helping you burn calories. Moreover, aloe vera adds a great number of vitamins and minerals into your daily diet hence, improving your digestive system and overall health. 

9. Reduces Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles:

Puffiness that is caused around the eyes due to lack of sleep, stress, or aging, and dark circles and eye bags can be due to fatigue and dehydration can be treated by applying aloe vera gel. Aloe vera has a soothing and cooling effect that relieves puffiness and lightens dark circles. Aloe vera gel improves blood circulation under the eyes and reduces inflammation and redness. Remember to not apply it into the eye directly but gently massage around the eyes. You can apply some gel on the top of your eyelids and let it dry. 

10. Cures Cracked Heels:

Cracked, dry heels can be discomforting and painful. Aloe vera gel serves as an effective remedy to treat cracked heels. Aloe vera has soothing and nourishing properties that repair dead skin cells and heals dryness. Simply soak your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes before going off to bed and apply aloe vera gel on your cracked heel. Cover it with socks or openly leave it overnight followed by washing it the next morning with lukewarm water. Continue this process for a couple of times in the week and you will start seeing results. 

11. Treats Headaches:

This might be a less known fact about the benefits of aloe vera but it can help treat headaches. Stress is one of the common causes of headache that is caused due to multiple factors.Its aspirin and anti-inflammatory properties act as a pain reliever and muscle relaxer as well. You can apply a paste of aloe vera gel on your forehead or consume around 2 ounces of aloe vera as a juice. 

12. Aids in Treating Acne and Pimples:

You will be happy to know that aloe vera can do wonders for treating acne and pimples. Aloe vera’s antibacterial properties make it completely safe and effective to use on the skin. A generous amount of aloe vera gel can be applied on the acne spot and you can let it dry. It will also solve the problem of irritation and redness. Moreover, aloe vera gel helps lighten pimple and acne marks. 

The Takeaway:

Here, we come to an end of the 12 top benefits of aloe vera. However, certain studies have also come out with health risks and side effects of consuming aloe vera. Make sure you are not consuming the leaf of aloe vera and identifying it properly. Such consumption can be toxic. Finally, we would suggest you consume it in fewer quantities and consult a doctor in case of any visible side effects or uneasiness.

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