Mindful Eating: A Sound Approach to Ending Your Weight Loss Struggle

Mindfulness A New, Yet Ancient Solution

How many times have you felt like overeating was beyond your control, as if you had no choice? We all have the freedom to choose, but only when we’re in a conscious state of awareness.  Choosing new food choices, and being mindful while you eat will slip you out of recurring habitual behavioural patterns and you will discover the newfound power of choice.  This presents a new opportunity for you to make a change in your life and restore your body back to optimal health.

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present – here and now. This is the doorway through which you will end your struggle with your weight and the ongoing battle with food. This is the doorway of awareness into a new realm – a  new paradigm. Once you walk through this doorway of mindfulness you will see everything in a new light, your life will no longer be what it was. When you choose to walk through this door, you will be choosing to come home to yourself and wake up to the miracle we call – your life.

“You are learning a new language now. In this process, your body is your best friend and most important teacher. You must learn to honour it once more, to not denigrate or distrust it as you have been taught in school. It knows and will teach you. If you let it. If you respect it”  Stephen Harrod Buhner

Resources on Your Mindful Eating Path

This is a great starting place to explore Mindful Eating. What follows is a wealth of information I’ve put together to help guide you home to yourself and your relationship to food.

What is Mindfulness?

Top 10 Benefits of Mindful Eating