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I’m going to start off by getting right to the point here. I’m going to tell you the punchline, what you’d perhaps have to wait till the end of a 2 hour workshop to actually hear a nutritional expert say, or maybe they would never even dare to say it, because it just might put them out of a job – but I’m willing to take my chances. And I need to tell you this now so that you can take this and build on this as your base, as the foundation to your new relationship with food, your diet and lifestyle. This is the foundation to the paradigm shift we so desperately need in this culture.

You are your own best teacher, guide and guru.

Nobody can actually tell you the answers you are looking for, you have all the answers you need, especially when it’s concerning what to eat. Let me put it into perspective for you. We, as a human species, have been naturally selecting our food choices for the past hundred of thousands of years. It’s only in the last few decades, that we’ve been bombarded with information about what to eat. We’ve become accustomed to looking outside of ourselves for the answers, for the latest information about which nutrients are good and which are bad and should be avoided. This is because our food environment has become increasingly complex. I’m here to help demystify the subject because in actuality, it’s really very simple. The simplicity of eating is the topic of my next post. For now, what I’m emphasizing, as the foundation, is that you (your body) has inherent wisdom that is so profound that if you would just move your mind aside, and get out of your own way so-to-speak that you would have a hell of a lot easier time dealing with food and any issues that might surround that relationship. What is required is trust – trust in the inherent wisdom that we all possess.

So part of the process to initiate this paradigm shift with food is to root ourselves in this knowing that the body that your soul is currently inhabiting for this particular journey in this particular lifetime is the most intelligent organism, far more intelligent than our minds can ever comprehend or grasp. This involves turning inwards. It requires that you stop incessantly scanning the environment for the latest nutritional information and you turn inwards – listen to the deep inner wisdom that your body carries. And most importantly, it requires that you stop dieting and start eating intuitively. Dieting will most definitely further disconnect you from your inherent body wisdom. If you ignore that inner wisdom, it will stop speaking to you, actually that’s not true, it will never stop speaking to you, but it will quiet itself down to a murmur that is so hardly detectable that you won’t even know its there. You can start by affirming to yourself – to your body – that you are ready to start listening. Start asking your body ‘What do you need’. It’s ok if you don’t get an overwhelming shouting answer back, just open up the dialogue. Sit quietly first thing in the morning and ask yourself that simple question ‘What do you need’. Maybe even take out a pen and paper and free flow write in your journal for a few minutes and see what comes up. This is a wonderful process. If you can, situation permitted, try to sit on the ground, on Mother Earth, while you are doing this simple meditation. Feel Her, and what she has to offer us in way of sustenance. If you can’t get outside to do this, image that you are anyways. Close the meditation by placing one hand over your heart and one hand on the ground and thanking both your inner wisdom for coming through to you and Mother Earth for all that She provides.

Trust the inherent wisdom that is you. You are a walking, talking, living miracle. Walk with respect for yourself and the miracle that you are, and the unlimited potential that you carry. May your intentions and actions be of the highest for this day.

Many Blessings,

Laura Dawn

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